Stripes for Spring

Spring is finally upon us in Winterfell *Ukraine and we couldn’t be happier. Although, it’s freezing cold one day, mildly warm the next and don’t even get me started on the fluctuations.

Stores are being stocked with summer clothing even though we still need a jacket outside. In order not to fall victim of this (unbalanced) season, styling a blazer isn’t a bad idea because you still look classy and warmth isn’t a problem.

This striped blazer is a very versatile piece!

Stripes are and will forever be a classic look, they can make a simple and boring outfit into something to marvel, a true rags to royalty transformation. It complements your body shape perfectly which makes it a failsafe option . You can’t go wrong with stripes- endless options, fun and dexterous.

This look is called “SimplyPerfect”.

It consists of basic pieces (white round neck top with black pants, white sneakers) as well as this striped blazer . It is one of those looks you could rock to a brunch date / semi formal meetings/ causal outings.

This look is called “Sunny side of glam”

Of course,yellow my all time favorite did justice to this outfit. The harmony of this glam screams sophisticated, bougee, elite, classy. I might wear this for a fashion show *just kidding.

Finally this look was quite a struggle to name so I asked my IG followers for help and they didn’t let me down at all much love. So drumroll …..literally that is 🥁🥁🥁🥁.

The look is called ……

There are several ways to style a blazer. So don’t restrict yourself, try something new and send some pictures my way. Step out of your comfort zone, be bold and creative 😉.


Blazer~ Primark

Sunglasses ~ Primark

Yellow pants~ Primark

Belt purse~ Stradivarius

Red bodysuit~ Forever21

Skirt~ NewYorker


Serenity in Sumy

Hello lovelies,

I’m super excited and happy because I’m catching flights, collecting stamps, making money moves, securing deals and all those shenanigans.

Oops sorry, all that was in the processing compartment of my brain #ijustletthecatout

How have y’all been?

How’s ME TIME feeling like?

If you have no idea or missed my blogpost on ME TIME, click HERE .

In regards to me spending more time to build myself and enjoy my solitude, I took a 7 day trip to stay with my cousin who lives in Sumy. For my non-Ukrainian readers, Sumy is estimated to be about a 3 hour drive (by bus or train) from where I stay.

Sumy is a small city compared to mine which has more social infrastructures, malls, energy and generally more eventful. But I wasn’t discouraged one bit because I needed this getaway from the “fuss and bother” ……….. right there!! “Fuss and bother”

I had just written my exams which came with a lotta of widespread pressure [had to keep reassuring my mates on our success], at the other side of the coin, Picture a mix of uncertainty, fear, second guessing every answer I picked, a soothing metaphor to describe it would be a roller coaster of anxiety.

Finally the results were released……..this was the actual wrecking part, I knew I was gon’ pass but not with what i term a “narrow escapenaahh…….I didn’t see that coming. I got congratulatory calls that made me cringe. I was totally indifferent…….totally.

This was the beginning of my ardent need for change of scenery.

Before/During my exams, I sorta avoided a lotta responsibilities which had a minute effect on my public relations….(can you feel the pressure already). After my exams I had little or no desire to do anything at all.

During this whole time, I had an insignificant sieve in my relationships , I naturally got closer to those who helped me find balance rather than question my energy….#talkforanotherday.

Lastly, a speck of the “fuss and bother” was this unsettled conflict in my spirit, I couldn’t ascertain if I had a grieving or happy spirit.

On the bright side, Sumy has more of natural views than artificial beauty. It is a place for nature lovers. I enjoyed my stay in Sumy a lot that I had no form of nostalgia. People don’t stare at you for being a person of color but they might if your outfit is BOMB.COM . They are welcoming and live with little or no form of stress.

Sumy was very serene for me, my mind was calm and still. The unburden and release of stale energy, self discovery, friendship ignition was quite an experience that built some level of endurance and wisdom.

Having experienced this state of tranquility, I think the best thing anyone could ask for is the strength to keep their heart open, to acknowledge their pattern of stress and how to release them, to be mindful and present.

The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.

P.S: Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this post.

Would you consider traveling to Sumy someday

Or what does Serenity mean to you?


Yes, you guessed right !

This post is gonna be somewhat like a self acknowledgement letter. This letter is to you.

Dear ______________,

This is to you that’s had a fair share of what life has to offer, that feels invisible, that doesn’t know how much longer you can hold on, that has lost faith, that doesn’t take a break even when you are hurting.

Hey hey, look right here

Yes you, I see you !

I see you and you’re incredible. I hear your screams/outburst of tears… I gotcha, you are so full of potential and you’ve gat time. You make the world a better place with your existence.

I’m sorry you’re forced to laugh because smiling hurts and nobody cares. I’m sorry you had to fix others while you were still bleeding. I’m so sorry I didn’t give you enough time to heal. I’m sorry for the times you were filled with so much sadness and tears for reasons no one could comprehend. I’m sorry for the times I should have noticed but never paid attention. I’m sorry that I didn’t give you the love you deserved.

I commend you for the fact that you’re still standing. Your courage speaks volumes! Your bravery is inspiring. Your mind is so fierce and your spirit is relentless. I’m proud that nothing can keep you down or steal your joy.

Therefore, stop treating yourself like an after thought. Eat the delicious delicacies you’ve always craved. Go for those mani-pedis you booked but cancelled because you didn’t have time. Oh that massage !

It’s time to dust those books collecting dirt you bought for yourself, read it and enjoy the serendipity of your environment. Be silly, Be weird, Go for evening walks and just bask in the glory of the sun setting. Treat yourself, you deserve it, you’ve earned it .

Don’t give up.

Better things are coming your way.

Continue to stand tall.

Develop a habit of “me time”

Travel 🧳 or go on a cruise 🚢 .

You are appreciated and if nobody sees you, remember I see you .

Loads of love ❤️,

Anike .

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