Anike ft Ed’Sharon

Happy December fellas! I'm not as excited as I sound coz 🙄 Jack Frost is back in town but, 🎶'Tis the season to be jolly, Fa la la la la ...............🎶 Today on the blog is something different from the usual and I'm in love because it's a collaboration with a natural hair enthusiast,minimalist,YouTuber Sharon... Continue Reading →



Over a million times, most health personnel are asked "Why Medicine?" and the answer naturally varies or this rehearsed elevator speech reels out unthoughtfully. Frankly, why medicine ? Cliché "I want to help people", we say. Big question's, what happens when I can't help, do I quit? At 8, talkative as a parrot and wielding... Continue Reading →


"In the flare of her pleated skirt, She blooms, With the gentle kiss of the fall's enveloping breeze, Her skin absorbs the sun's yellow rays. Her hair....ugh....defies gravity Features chiseled by the Creator. The simplicity in the fine complex pattern of her brown interlaced braids, Breath drawn,eyes glaring wide,dilated, You can tell she's magical." Every... Continue Reading →


Welcome to November!!!! I felt October was never gon' end, but here we are. To all those reading this, I really hope something good happens for you this month. Well it's still autumn one of the most beautiful times of the year. I love Autumn because the colors are stunning. The air is refreshing, The... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone! Thanks so much for the response to my last post.Wow! I'm soooo grateful. This post is long long overdue. I celebrated my birthday on the 20th of September,2018. It was an exceptional day. I'm a little extra,so I had a photo shoot to spice my day. Yellow and Blue marked the day's euphoria.... Continue Reading →


Hello everyone! I hope you've all been good. It's finally October and this can only mean one thing. AUTUMN IS HERE !!!Everything about this time of the year is just sheer beauty. However,one of the most difficult things to do is dress for the season. There's the fear of rain coming along and ruining a... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my Blog ❤️

Hi everyone..Welcome to Anike. My name is Edun Oluwatomisin. I’m a medical student studying in Ukraine , a saxophonist, and a fashion blogger. I’ve always loved color combination as an art therapy and how it defines people’s taste in fashion. Aniké inspires a quote that “FASHION IS WHAT YOU BUY, BUT STYLE IS WHAT YOU... Continue Reading →

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