Stripes for Spring

Spring is finally upon us in Winterfell *Ukraine and we couldn’t be happier. Although, it’s freezing cold one day, mildly warm the next and don’t even get me started on the fluctuations.

Stores are being stocked with summer clothing even though we still need a jacket outside. In order not to fall victim of this (unbalanced) season, styling a blazer isn’t a bad idea because you still look classy and warmth isn’t a problem.

This striped blazer is a very versatile piece!

Stripes are and will forever be a classic look, they can make a simple and boring outfit into something to marvel, a true rags to royalty transformation. It complements your body shape perfectly which makes it a failsafe option . You can’t go wrong with stripes- endless options, fun and dexterous.

This look is called “SimplyPerfect”.

It consists of basic pieces (white round neck top with black pants, white sneakers) as well as this striped blazer . It is one of those looks you could rock to a brunch date / semi formal meetings/ causal outings.

This look is called “Sunny side of glam”

Of course,yellow my all time favorite did justice to this outfit. The harmony of this glam screams sophisticated, bougee, elite, classy. I might wear this for a fashion show *just kidding.

Finally this look was quite a struggle to name so I asked my IG followers for help and they didn’t let me down at all much love. So drumroll …..literally that is 🥁🥁🥁🥁.

The look is called ……

There are several ways to style a blazer. So don’t restrict yourself, try something new and send some pictures my way. Step out of your comfort zone, be bold and creative 😉.


Blazer~ Primark

Sunglasses ~ Primark

Yellow pants~ Primark

Belt purse~ Stradivarius

Red bodysuit~ Forever21

Skirt~ NewYorker